PRECEYES Surgical System

High-Precision Assistance For Eye Surgery

The PRECEYES Surgical System is a robotic assistant for eye surgery. The system provides surgeons with a precision better than 20 μm to position and hold instruments. This high surgical precision aims to improve treatment outcomes and empowers surgeons to establish new innovative surgical techniques, including delivery of advanced therapeutics.

For retina surgery

The PRECEYES Surgical System is compatible with a wide range of 23G, 25G and 27G instruments. The system can be used in patients under local or general anesthesia in a standard surgical setting.

For retina surgery

Clinically validated

The PRECEYES Surgical System has been successfully validated in clinical investigations and preclinical research. The PRECEYES Surgical System R1.1 has a CE mark and is commercially available for use.

clinically validated

Workflow optimization

Scaling and filtering of hand tremors yield unprecedented steadiness and precision. The robot is easily engaged to assist in specific tasks and movements are recorded for post-surgical evaluation and training puposes.

Workflow optimization


Preceyes B.V. is a medical robotics company with a CE-marked product for treatment of patients requiring vitreoretinal surgery. We fight visual impairment and blindness by developing novel, high-precision drug delivery treatments and by improving the treatment quality of existing vitreoretinal surgery. Our long-term vision is to transition eye surgery to its next evolution where robotics enables novel therapies, standardizes and improves surgical performance, and provides significant cost-saving by shifting the surgical suite to an office-based setting. Strong partnerships with excellent top-clinical institutes support our developments.


We are currently looking for the following professionals to strengthen our team:

Clinical Application Specialist

As clinical application specialist, you are able to demonstrate the functionality and features of the Preceyes technology to new and existing users, train users, support users in their research programs and clinical trials, perform internal (pre-clinical) experimental studies, participate in European research projects, and propose product improvements.. View vacancy...

Product Industrialization Engineer

As product industrialization engineer, you'll develop and improve product design and production processes, ensuring the best transition from development to manufacturing. Expierience in (a subset of) the following disciplines is desired: Usability, manufacturability, reliability, serviceability, optical engineering and surgical instrumentation design. View vacancy...

Preceyes obtains ISO 13485 certification

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, June 5, 2020 – Preceyes B.V. has received the ISO-EN 13485:2016 certification for its quality management system, effectively obtaining approval for the continued commercialization and production of its CE-marked PRECEYES Surgical System Read more…

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